Maintenance Service Agreements

Advanced is an advocate of routine maintenance that prevents mishaps that can turn into expensive, larger issues. If you run an ice rink or have a freezer full of food you cannot afford to have your system down more than it needs to be. Routine maintenance will catch minor breakdowns before they impact your operation.

Advanced will customize routine maintenance agreements based on an assessment of your needs and budget. We offer our Maintenance Service customers an annual agreement that promises visits from highly skilled service technicians.

Maintenance Service Customers Receive:

  • Preferential Reaction Time – When a customer needs servicing, we are there first whenever possible, day or night with our 24 hour emergency service.
  • Preferred Rates – Maintenance Service customers receive the lowest hourly rates.
  • Customized Maintenance Programs – Based on your business and equipment needs, we will recommend a maintenance schedule that includes regular monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and annual checks, servicing etc. that fits with your budget.

Our goal is to help educate our customers about how they can run more efficient Calgary heating and cooling equipment and avoid major mishaps!

Our routine maintenance covers Calgary refrigeration, air conditioning and HVAC systems. If you have more than one system, if time permits, we can routinely check all of your systems during one visit.

Keeping your HVAC units upgraded and operating efficiently can reduce your greenhouse gas emissions by up to 40% annually!

Our Routine Services Include:

Heating Systems:

  1. Burner and Heat Exchanger Inspection
  2. Operation and Safety Control Check
  3. Gas Pressure Verification and Leak Checks

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning:

  1. Overall Functionality of Unit
  2. Standard Filters, Belts and CFM
  3. Overall Operational Assessment of the Condenser, Evaporators and Compressors
  4. Thorough Assessment for Refrigeration Leaks
  5. Safety and Operational Verification of Unit
  6. System Diagnostics and Engineering

Get the best care possible for your equipment by contacting Advanced Refrigeration HVAC to schedule an on-site assessment and estimate for a Maintenance Program.